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FOTD Complementary Yellow & Purple

I was feeling complementary tonight.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Primary Yellow pigment
Nocturnelle e/s
Ulta Zephyr e/s
Kat Von D Rad Purple e/s (beethoven)
Gleam e/s
Crystal Avalanche e/s
Mylar e/s
Smashbox Cream Eyeliner in Imperial
Beauty Marked e/s
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

How hard is your job?

Before reading, please watch this first & don’t mess with people that handle your food.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in a restaurant, you need to watch Waiting. It is always the same! Don’t get me wrong, I love being a server. I’ve only ever worked in restaurants, but I will NEVER understand why people act the way the woman in the link above does. And that’s not an exaggeration. People really do act like that. It’s amazing.

Now, the part where they fuck with her food, I can say I’ve never seen it happen at any of the places I’ve worked. But you know it happens. Why do these people throw the idea of human error out the window when it comes to waiting tables?

But my human error aside, most of the times that I get people acting like this it’s because THEY made a mistake. They forget to tell you that they wanted extra cheese, but that’s my fault, I should have asked. They didn’t listen when I told them that there is onion on the burger, but that’s my fault. I should have said it again. They wanted to change their order 7 minutes after I put it in to the kitchen, which by then it’s too late because they’ve obviously already started making it. But that’s my fault, I should tell the cooks to stop what they are doing at start over on something new.

And when they make their complaint, you apologize of course because it’s your job. If necessary, you get a manager involved. But then what does the manager do?? Comps their food off! So they don’t even have to pay. And then they still don’t tip you.

Only in America can people come in to a place and get away with that shit. Rant over. lol

FOTD Bronze & Purple

All MAC unless otherwise noted:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Painterly p/p
NYX White e/l
Kat Von D Galeano e/s (Beethoven)
Trax e/s
Elite e/s
Concrete e/s
Crystal Avalanche e/s
Mylar e/s
Bourjois Volume Clubbin’ Ultra Black mascara
Urban Decay Score blush
Refined Golden bronzer
Revlon Nude Attitude l/s
Iridescent Powder in Belightful

Too Cool For School

I totally get a kick out of the fact that 90s fashion is making a come back & today I saw the coolest random thing ever! It cracked me up so much I had to buy it!

I fully intend on actually using it for school, too. Because I’m not a college student or anything… LOL

The funniest part of this was that my bestie, Michelle, and I got the binder from this little pharmacy by our house & everything there was literally from 1991! Birthday cards, crayons, sunglasses, even some of the medicine looked a little sketchy. lol I go there sometimes because they have a post office in the back & I can’t believe I never noticed all the random shit they had in there! baahahah I’m still giggling about it. 
Only in America. : P

FOTD Smokey Blue & Purple

All MAC unless specified.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Smashbox Cream Liner Artist Pensil in Lapis
Stila Loves Barbie Palette #1 Ponytail, the blue e/s
Nocturnelle e/s
Cranberry e/s
Pink Venus e/s
Crystal Avalanche e/s
Mylar e/s
Carbon e/s
Ardelle Demi 120 Lashes
Bourjois Ultra Glamour Black Mascara
Refined Golden bronzer
Peachy Keen blush
Benefit Benetint
Smashbox l/g in Glide

REVIEW Benefit Ooh La Lift

Description from Benefit Cosmetics :

ooh la lift

instant under-eye brightening boost

Price: $22.00

why we love it:
Legendary under-eye brightening boost…this delicate pink balm is like an instant eyelift!
what else you need to know:
Contains raspberry extracts and light-reflecting pigments to instantly perk up tired eyes. Can be applied on bare skin or over makeup.

I happen to have a pretty puffy & dark under-eye area. But even so, I tend to stay away from de-puffing, brightening products because I’ve never had much luck with them at all. Usually the only affect I get from these types of products is a cool sensation. That’s it.

Then I stumbled upon Benefit’s Ooh La Lift & I have to admit it caught my eye. I absolutely love Benefit Cosmetics & for some reason I want to trust everything they want to sell me! : P So naturally, I give this product a try. The first picture is my eyes with no product on, other than moisturizer.


The next picture is a couple minutes after applying Ooh La Lift. I don’t know about you, but I am not seeing a dramatic difference here. BUT, there is still a difference & for me, that’s huge! I can tell the area is slightly less puffy and it’s definitely brighter (the brightness is much more noticeable in person).

Less Gross.

This one is after I have applied foundation, concealer & setting powder. Still looks pretty good to me!

So, even though there is not a dramatic difference, I was impressed to see any kind of difference at all. I’ve been using this product for a couple weeks now & I haven’t noticed the results changing. This might be a product I decide to stick with!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

FOTD Soft & Elegant Look

This is pretty much a “shopped my stash” FOTD. These are products I haven’t really played with in quite some time. I’ve been feeling really uninspired & I thought digging through my stash would conjure something exciting, but no so much this time. I guess I’ll just need to wait a couple days for it to come back to me. Hope you enjoy this look, regardless!

Bare Minerals Champagne e/s
Bare Minerals Elegance e/s
Mylar e/s
Smashbox Cream Liner Artist Pencil in Lapis
NYX White Kohl Liner
Refined Golden Bronzer
Bare Minerals Gala Blush
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
Bare Slimshine
Bare Minerals Buxom Gloss in Jessica

FOTD Mod/Twiggy Inspired

Not too many products involved in this one, just a lot of time and patience.

MFE Concealer palette #1
Bare Minerals Foundation
Coastal Scents Blush palette – lightest pink color

NYX White Eye Kohl liner
Carbon e/s
Crystal Avalanche e/s
Filament e/s (pretty glittery, can’t really tell from the pics)
Smachbox Black Cream Liner
Ulta Professional lashes
Benefit Bad Gal Lash

Revlon Matte l/s in Nude Attitude
Smashbox l/g in Zip

FOTD 90s Fashion Inspired

This is pretty sloppy because I had already taken my contacts out, so I was pretty much blind while doing this. haha I had a very sudden inspiration though & had to play with this look right away! Hope you think it’s as fun as I do!

NYX White eyeliner pencil (I really need to get Milk – this thing isn’t sticky enough!)
Green concealer
A light green eyeshadow from Almay
Pink Venus e/s
2 blushes from the Coastal Scents blush palette (an orangey one & a hot pink one)
Carbon e/s
Crystal Avalanche e/s
WnW Teal eyeliner pencil
Ulta Calypso e/s


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